The Fuss About Blush

Blush is a mystery to many of us. How do you achieve the rosy, fresh spring look without overdoing it and wind up looking like you just finished a marathon or retired from a Disney cruise? 


The first and often most difficult step is finding your perfect shade. We’ve collected some of the most flattering options for you in our Blush Trio, each packed with healthy ingredients and color that lasts 12 hours. They’re smooth and buildable, and great options for any shade of skin. 



Finding the right color and the right shade are huge factors, but so is perfecting your application technique. Having the right tools makes all the difference. LAMIK has specifically designed a brush for your blush needs. Use this soft, angled brush in full strokes to make your way from the apples of your cheeks, along your cheekbones, to your hairline, paying attention to the shape of your face and what you want to emphasize (the roundness of your cheeks, the long line of your cheekbone). Repeat, building color if desired, but go slow because while it’s always easy to add color, it’s tough to take off if you go too bold, too fast. For an extra sun-kissed look, swipe some across the bridge of your nose as well! 


Remember to have fun and notice how lovely you are while you do your make-up! Maybe speak affirmations to yourself or turn on some music that makes you feel alive and dance. Let your beauty routine be an extension of your joy and how you want to present it to the world!


If you still have questions about blush, reach out to us on our Instagram page! LAMIK’s mission is helping women uncover their beauty, and our origin is at the beauty counter, so we’ve got expertise to share with you!

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