Hi Beautiful, Welcome to LAMIK! 

In college, I worked as a makeup artist at the mall. I loved helping women discover their natural beauty. I felt a calling to work in the beauty industry and dreamed of creating a makeup line. But when I researched the ingredients used to make the products, I was appalled. I remember thinking, “I can’t put my name on that and sell it to people!”

My mom religiously put on her makeup before she left the house everyday. My mom loved makeup, I loved the way the makeup made my mom feel. When I revealed to my mom I was going to create a makeup line as my career next steps. My mom gave me $500 and her blessing.

In 2004, LAMIK started as a local makeup shop in Houston, Texas. Where women would come to get their makeup and eyebrows done. We started selling them products made by hand and soon LAMIK was much more than a place! LAMIK became a community where women knew they belonged.

In 2011, when my first investor, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, it stopped me in my tracks. I started asking why? How? When I looked at the ingredients in makeup she was using everyday, I found parabens, talc, and other known carcinogens.

After my mom passed in 2014, it became my mission to give women of color access to safe, natural beauty products. I knew I had to get my paraben-free makeup to every woman who wears makeup routinely. We are a health and wellness brand just as much as we are a beauty company. I started to dream of more. 

In 2018, I closed my makeup shop and focused on the solution, LAMIK, clean color cosmetics for women who historically have been marketed more toxic makeup options than their counterparts, women of color. 

LAMIK 2.0 launched in March of 2020, E-commerce, and we launched first, with the product I needed the most. Let me just be transparent, I struggle with hair loss. My brows don't grow on the ends. How could I be out here doing beautiful makeup for other women with no eyebrows? I created the Brow Kit to put the frame back on my own face and give me a natural looking brow, that no one would even know I applied daily. I've now given that power to other women and see it when they get their brows back. 

When I created LAMIK, the name was nothing more than my name spelled backward with an La (pre-fix) from my middle name. Now LAMIK is an acronym and tells the meaning of what it is Love And Makeup In Kindness in a product.

I realize that is what LAMIK really stands for and true beauty is that it comes from within.

That's why I always say Beauty is Revealed, Not Applied.

I am so happy you are here!


Kim Roxie