April’s LAMIK Lady: Marilyn

This month, we’re featuring two incredible LAMIK Ladies, highlighting more of our fantastic team. Today, we want you to meet Marilyn, LAMIK’s Community Manager! She embodies so much of what LAMIK is about, embracing beauty and community in her very essence.  

LAMIK: How were you introduced to LAMIK? What about the company captivates you?

Marilyn: I met Kim Roxie via Black Women Talk Tech. We both were working with the organization at the time and I had just moved down to Houston. So I went to one of Ms. Roxie's events and we started talking. Her vibe was just so genuine we hit it off. Over the next couple months, I attended so many events with her, taking pics and learning about the LAMIK community. And the women in the LAMIK community were just so real – I could relate to them. It was almost as though LAMIK is what helped me find my home here in Houston. The women just accepted me at all the events. I met so many people and learned so much. 


LAMIK: What is your role with LAMIK? What is your favorite part about being on the LAMIK team?

Marilyn: I am the Community Manager for Facebook group: Ladies Who LAMIK. and recently we started LAMIK University inside the group. My fave part of being part of this team is that I found a sisterhood that was so unexpected. We are all so very different, and yet relate on so many levels. I think that God brought me to these women. On good and bad days, they breathe life into me, just by being themselves. And the kids– our kids are probably the best hype (wo)men. That is the other thing: I never have to worry about my kids with LAMIK, I can bring them to majority events and they are on every zoom call. It's really a family.


LAMIK: What is your favorite product of LAMIK’s? Can you share how it has changed your beauty routine/self-image/health?

Marilyn: So I am still learning the make up game. I'm pretty basic, but I wish I could do my eyebrows like Kim does them with the brow kit. I have not yet acquired the skill. I LOVE the mascara, though. I can use it on my brows and eyelashes and: GAME CHANGER. For a girl who can't do nothing in make up right, that mascara makes me look like I have fake lashes on. And my eyebrows pop. 


LAMIK: What does beauty mean to you? How does LAMIK help you uncover your beauty?

Marilyn: LAMIK isn't just for the beauty experts and the MUA's. It also caters to the everyday professional women, like myself. I can wear a natural look with LAMIK and feel beautiful. And my face doesn't break out after I use it. LAMIK reveals the beauty that was already there by enhancing. 


LAMIK: Why should someone take a chance on LAMIK?

Marilyn: LAMIK is so much more than make up. Look at me, a woman who is still learning make up and LOVES the brand. It’s a community, and while we are a family on the team, we are a family in our community as well. These women who have been with us and have joined us as recent as today, ride the wave with us. They rally for us as hard as Kim does. It truly is the most beautiful thing. When Karissa and I had our babies this past year, the women had so much positivity and genuine joy for our birth announcements as though we kick it with them on the regular. 

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