Refresh your Makeup Bag

Hello, deep-dive! Are all you LAMIK Ladies ready to get the DL on one of our favorite offerings as a woman-centric brand? We’re getting ready to ship out our second Makeup Refresh Box of the year and need to tell you why you want one.



Are you a makeup connoisseur who loves trying out trends and finding fabulous new products? Or are you someone who clings to her concealer and mascara because they’re the only products that make any sense, intimidated by the endless choices out there? Whichever you are, the Makeup Refresh Box is the perfect buy for you!


The Makeup Refresh Box is a convenient subscription arriving bi-monthly that features full size, clean, seasonal, exciting, and exclusive products from LAMIK. We make sure to include products for the eyes, lips, face, covering all your bases, and it holds a mystery gift to compliment the pickings. Think of it as the ‘special’ at your favorite up-town restaurant who sources local and only feeds you nourishing and delicious meals. It’s an easy way to stay on top of trends without spending hours walking the aisles of makeup stores looking for quality products and safe ingredients and gives you access to limited products.


But why do we send you products so often? Not everyone goes through makeup that quickly, right? Maybe not, but it turns out, we shouldn’t be keeping our makeup as long as we probably have been. Products need to be replaced every few months because  bacteria tends to grow on them. It’s actually highly unsanitary to keep using the same products for too long – especially around your eyes – and puts you at risk of infection. In the case of LAMIK, it’s especially important to change out your makeup because as with organic foods, makeup without chemicals goes bad quicker than makeup that is full of toxic preservatives. 


Okay, we get it – it sounds glamorous to get a fancy box of makeup every other month, but what will you actually be getting in the March Refresh Box? Is it as good as we’re telling you? 


Oh, you better believe that it is! This month we’ll send you only the most luxurious products to take you from dry winter skin to glowing soft goddess.


This month you’ll get a self-care routine that includes:

🌸 Super-Soothing Vitamin E-infused lip balm
🌸 Nourishing Skin Oil
🌸 Lash & Brow Rejuvenation Serum
🌸 Plus, a bonus dual-sided mirror so you can see your fine self from every angle, anywhere!


Just remember, March’s box is still available for one-time purchase or a full subscription – and there are four more boxes going out this year, full of more exceptional and intentionally curated products. 


It’s time to refresh your makeup bag! These are products that are limited-time releases and coveted buys. But you can only get them in The Makeup Refresh Beauty Box! Get yours today!

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