It's So Hard To Say Goodbye: How to know when to replace your makeup

Hi Beautiful, Here is your guide for Makeup expiration dates, just keep in mind, expiration dates don't start until you begin usage. If you keep unopened makeup in room temperature spaces, it can last 1-3 years, however, once it's been opened, time starts ticking. 

Let's start with this concept, treat makeup like food, not like fashion apparel. Food has expiration dates, fashion clothes do not. Clothes can last forever, makeup can not. Be okay with tossing makeup, holding on to it, can have repercussions to your skin and health.

At LAMIK, we are developing Expiration date stickers for makeup products in your makeup bag and cabinet. To get access to these expiration date sustainable stickers check out our IFund Women campaign.


That was great information! Thank you!

Melissa Bonner March 30, 2023

Thanks for this important and necessary reminder.

I found a make-up bag full of my favorite shades of gloss, concealers, and mascaras that had been in my clmate controlled storage unit in Chicago for over a year. It LOOKED as if everything was in tact. I thought to myself, “Awesome, now I dont have to purchase new items for a while. I have double of almost everything!” BUT… truth be told, all of those items needed to be thrown out! It was hard to say goodbye, but reading this blog helped me remember – out an abundance of caution – to have a “moment of silence” for the old… and then toss them to make room for the NEW! Thanks for always looking out and sharing wise counsel!

Yours in Self-care and Service,

Leahjean "CoachLeah" Denley March 30, 2023

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