Ebony’s Story

“I was told there was no makeup in the store for women with my skin tone. I was too dark.”


Ebony went viral after a trip to the makeup counter left her looking ashy and “casket-ready” the day of her baby shower.

Our founder, Kim Roxie, saw Ebony and knew we had to help a girl out! So, we gave her a maternity shoot that revealed the real beauty of her rich complexion. We got her melanin poppin to say the least. 


“She had a big pregnant girl feeling like Beyoncé! They brought out the fans and everything!”

That was the feeling Ebony deserved. That’s the feeling we all deserve when we put on our makeup. Every. Single. Day! It’s literally the reason we create clean beauty, vegan makeup for all complexions. We understand that makeup for dark-skinned women and makeup for fair skin has different tones and undertones, but shouldn’t have different quality or ingredients.

And almost a year later, here we are with our beauty activist, Ebony, representing ALL complexions on Ulta.com!

Coincidence? Nah. That’s nothing but destiny!

Head to Ulta.com now to shop our collection of bestselling products and be a part of the movement!

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