February's LAMIK Lady: Josayne

 Meet Josayne Anderson-Tejera, the founder of The Love Quest Foundation, and the first beauty to formally grace the blog as the LAMIK Lady of the Month. Keep reading to find out more about Josayne and why we’re so proud she’s a LAMIK Lady. 


LAMIK: How were you introduced to LAMIK? What about the company captivates you? 

Josayne: When I was living in Los Angeles, Kim came to town and hosted a makeup event at the home of a mutual connection who attended my Church. Kim applied my make up and did my eyebrows and I fell in love with the results (I even slept with the makeup on and did not want to wash the look off my face ever). I also love what the company acronym stands for – Love and Makeup In Kindness – and that it is organic.


LAMIK: What is your favorite product? Can you share how it has changed your beauty routine/self-image/health? 

Josayne: The Warm Caramel True Mineral Powder* is my favorite product! It effortlessly balances out my skin tone. It compliments my self care routine, which has included all natural products and a lifestyle of organic eating since I was a child.

*Our True Mineral Powder is an all-time fave, we can’t wait to re-launch it!


LAMIK: What is The Love Quest Foundation? Tell us about its partnership with LAMIK.

Josayne: The Love Quest Foundation is the nonprofit organization that I started in college that focuses on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault awareness and prevention based on my personal experience. LAMIK has been part of our journey and has supported us at various stages.

As a multi-alumni organization, The Love Quest Foundation partners with the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation whose legacy we honor on Valentine's Day, and we promote PSALM, one of the three hundred-plus poems she authored, turned into spoken word produced by Champ Hollans. I am excited about the Valentine’s Day event with LAMIK where we’ll share more about what’s next!


LAMIK: What does beauty mean to you? 

Josayne: To me, beauty is what radiates from the inside out. It is revealed and draws people to you authentically.


LAMIK: Would you like to share any love with LAMIK's founder, Kim Roxie, this Valentine’s Day? 

Josayne: Kim is such a genuine person. Kim is someone you meet and can instantly relate to as a sister. She pays it forward for everyone and is willing to share resources so everyone can benefit from her life lessons that she put into practice. 


Anyone who needs resources for Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence and/or Sexual Assault can visit The Love Quest Foundation, National Domestic Violence Hotline, or RAINN.


Don’t forget to join us on IG Live on the @LAMIKBEAUTY Instagram profile, Sunday, February 13th at 5pm CST to learn more about The Love Quest Foundation and talk with Josayne. 


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