Audrey’s Story: Bye, bye sparse brows

“I’m one of those who also overtweezed. I used to have really thick brows that probably most women would kill for!”

How many of us can relate to Audrey’s brow story, too. Maybe you had full brows and over tweezed them because it was all the rage. Or maybe you waxed those brows to a thin line and then drew them back on. We’ve been through some crazy brow trends over the decades. 

The ‘90s and ‘00s were brutal times for brows. 

Fortunately, it’s not too late to fill in the gaps - literally! The Revelation Brow Duo helps you get back to natural-looking brows with our high-impact Brow Powder and nourishing Sculpting Creme. We’ve found that the powder gives you a softer, more natural look than filling in your eyebrows with pencil. Filling in eyebrows with brow powder and a precision angled brush (like our Power Brow Duo Brush) allows you the same kind of control as a brow pencil, without the harsh, drawn-on look. 

We also love Audrey’s story because she has that amazing silver hair. We get lots of questions from our silver foxes about which shade of Brow Powder to select. The answer? Go with the shade closest to your original hair color. If that still looks too dark, or just not quite right, you can always to a shade lighter to adjust for your new look. You’ve got options with our Revelation Brow Duo - 15 combinations to be exact! 

Plus, it’s easy to use and takes just minutes to go from sparse to spectacular!

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