I'm Going To Share My Personal Story Of 5 Years Battling Hair Loss and the loss of my brows And How This Unique Formula Finally Helped Me Win
(And Helped 1,000+ Women Do The Same)

 Woman with sparse brows before and after with full natural looking brows

I looked in the mirror. A tear ran down my cheek. “This is ridiculous,” I said to myself, throwing my hands in the air:

I’m shaping the brows of all these women, but I’m missing half of my own brows!

I Was Looking For Any Way to Change That
I stepped closer to the mirror and studied my hairless brow bone one more time. I squinted and thought to myself, I guess this is a difference.
I was excited; I had just started using a brow product everyone swore by. And it looked okay, but the colors hardly showed up on my skin, and the formula looked…fake! I didn’t want to look like I was drawing my brows on! Not to mention I couldn’t pronounce any of the ingredients in that product.
Days went by, and optimism gradually faded to disappointment, then disgust, and finally, anger. My newfound brow pencil was a dud, added to the pile of half-used products hiding in the back of my drawer. So many questions filled my mind, each one more puzzling than the rest.
“Why can’t I figure this out?”
I had been battling hair loss on and off (but mostly on) for 5 years. I had been to the moon and back trying to male my brows look good all while I was making everyone else’s brows look amazing, and I was desperate for something, anything, to work.
At 16, I convinced my parents to let me get my brows “done” at the nail shop for homecoming. 
I had full, bushy brows back then. The kind we lust after now. But I wanted the thin, arched look that was in. And the lady shaved away almost everything to give it to me. Just like that, I had the best brows of the early ‘00s aka barely there brows!
But then I had a new problem.

The stubble that grew back looked and itched like crazy. So, of course I had to do it all over again.

Back down to the nail shop I went. Week after week, I let that woman shave my brows. And, week after week, that created some new and troublesome brow problem.
Each time I went, I was more and more drawn to the perfect brows. I was obsessed. 
Pictures of models smiled out to me, saying that I too could have beautiful, symmetrical brows. Who could resist?
I happily let that lady shave (and eventually wax) away my brow hairs and smiled as I delightedly handed over my hard-earned babysitting money. I drew in and covered and forgot about the ugliness I felt underneath without my natural brows. 
Ultimately, I’m not sure what was worse: the patches of hair that stopped growing or the pencil lines I used to fill them in. 
I was a modern-day Picasso 🖼 
It could never last.
In college, I started working at a makeup counter, and I knew when I graduated that I wouldn’t be going to work for anyone. I was going to start my own business helping women feel beautiful in their skin. And I was going to start with doing brows. 
My own new brow routine upgraded to waxing, but I was still filling in my brows with pencil. It was just never the look that I wanted. 
Promise filled the air as the next big brow product hit the market. 
I went to a big beauty retailer to try it, but when I asked about the ingredients, the sales associate squinted at me and muttered, “I don’t know anything about that. You should just check the back I guess.”
My eyes glazed over when I finally got my hands on the packaging. Those multi syllable word ingredients left my head spinning. And when I looked them up on my phone, I realized half of the powders and pigments used were linked to all kinds of diseases and ailments (hello talcum powder!) 
By the time I turned 30 I started to notice more and more hair shedding when I washed my hair. I tried all kinds of products and styles, but nothing helped. Then it happened:
I started to lose the hairs on the ends of my brows!
Imagine that: I wasn’t the teenager heading to a dance anymore. I was a known brow artist in one of the nations largest cities - with only half my brows!
I felt like a fraud. 
How could anyone trust me to make their brows look good, when I had none? It’s like when people tell you not to go to the hairstylist who doesn’t keep their own hair looking good. Can you really trust them?
Dreams of a nontoxic, pigmented brow product danced in my head. 
 In the meantime, I tried all kinds of treatments to grow my brow hair back. I even tried a mask that left my skin raw and burning after just a few minutes - and the worst part? It claimed to naturally stimulate growth. I could grow the brows of my dreams out of chemical burned skin, but what fun would that be? 

So, to the drawing board I went. I found a chemist who had worked for a huge beauty company. He told me that company wasn’t interested in making makeup for women with deeper complexions. And they definitely weren’t doing it without the toxins or animal testing. 
I started researching makeup ingredients and their uses…
And, surprisingly, lots of stuff that works in your makeup, you might think you’d find in your kitchen or your garden. 

Most solutions that exist in the market are

made for one thing and one thing only...

To get the look at whatever cost. 
But while they're actively trying to make you into something you’re not, those toxic ingredients are playing tricks with every system in your body: from your hormones to your respiratory system and everything in between. Yes, all that from what you put on your face. 
Soon enough, with the help of my new chemist, I had a new Brow Powder and highlighter, which I dubbed Sculpting Creme. 

Within a few minutes, I had brows that looked natural, felt lightweight, but didn’t budge. 
I’ve discovered natural ingredients with one goal and one goal only…
To make a vegan, cruelty-free formula that would help women around the world feel confident with their brows…
The formula that would make your brows look amazing, but also be amazing for the delicate skin of your brow bone and around your eyes. 

After seeing my results, my friends and clients started to ask me if I could make products for them too. It got to the point where I was getting asked daily to bring someone’s brows back to life. 

Fast forward to today: We have over 4,000+ loyal customers that are enjoying their healthy, natural-looking brows. 
But what’s more important…
They have the confidence to leave their house, go to work & enjoy social events with their friends…
It actually works!
But don't take my word for it...
Try it for yourself!