Celebrity Brow Kit



Great brows don't get enough credit. But they should since they frame 75% of your face! We were tired of barely there brows that left our full face of makeup looking incomplete.


"My brows don't grow on the ends. How could I be out here doing beautiful makeup for other women with no eyebrows? I created the Brow Kit to put the frame back on my own face after struggling with hair loss. Now I get to see the power in other women when they get their brows back."

Everything from overtweezing (hello 90s brows) to hair loss that left our brows sparse or half-grown in, to stress, aging, and post-partum shedding left our brows crying for help.

We crafted the Brow Kit to redeem your brows and ours.

The Brow Kit is the perfect package of products to create a polished, powerful eyebrow look all wrapped up in our petite, travel-sized Compact, and dual-sided Brow Brush.

What's in a Kit

  • Brow Powder or Brow Pomatum
  • Brow Sculpting Creme
  • Easy-to-use Brow Brush
  • Compact Case with Travel-size Mirror

The Details

Brow Powder: Made with jojoba oil that works as a conditioner to the brows, this naturally infused powder gives a naturally fuller look with a weightless feel, pigmented application, and satin finish.

Brow Pomatum: For dry skin, this pomade softly sculpts the brow and sets a bolder, pronounced look.

Brow Sculpting Crème: Crafted from organic castor seed oil that is known to promote hair growth, this organic highlighter glides onto the skin smoothly connecting with the brow bone and setting the ultimate sex appeal. 

Brow Brush: The 2-in-1 brush includes a Brow Spoolie and Angled Brush. This dynamic duo works to brush, mold, and shape the brow for a sophisticated presentation.

Learn about the natural ingredients in the Celebrity Brow Kit.

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