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Celebrity Brow Kit

Product image 1Celebrity Brow Kit
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Create a polished, powerful look with our must-have brow kit. The Celebrity Brow Kit includes an eyebrow powder or pomade, sculpting cream and a brush in colors for your unique skin and hair.


Start with Why

The purpose of the Celebrity Brow Kit is to highlight you! It’s to put you on display so when you walk in that room, when you give that presentation, when you use your voice it and when you’re just bold it emphasis what YOU know you’re made ofElegance, significance, excellence, eloquence, poise, and oh so glorious
"Brows frame 75% of your face, they say what you are not saying. We couldn’t think of a better way to frame the conversation around brow grooming and enhancement than to acknowledge the star status and attention you receive when wearing the celebrity brow kit!"
Kim Roxie, FOUNDER & CEO

What's in a Kit

  • Brow Powder or Brow Pomatum
  • Brow Sculpting Creme
  • Easy-to-use Brow Brush
  • Compact Case

The Details

Brow Powder: This naturally infused powder gives an effortlessly fuller look with weightless lines and a satin finish.

Brow Pomatum: For dry skin, this pomade softly sculpts the brow and sets a bolder, pronounced look.

Brow Sculpting Crème: An organic highlighter that glides onto the skin smoothly connecting with the brow bone and setting the ultimate sex appeal.

Brow Brush: The 2-in-1 brush includes a Brow Spoolie and Angled Brush. This dynamic duo works to brush, mold, and shape the brow for a sophisticated presentation.

Learn about the natural ingredients in the Celebrity Brow Kit.

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